Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Okay, okay so I am lame, but I am finally getting around to posting. Sorry, not dead, just LAME. I have about 250 pics from our trip to Utah so I will try to be concise.

Christmas Eve Nativity, Ava got to be Mary and played the part quite well (as you can see from the look on her face). Christian...a VERY tired sheperd.

Christmas morning...

I am not sure who slept less from the excitement, Tyler or Ava...I think Ty!
At the Kearl's...

Ava got her princess dresses and reacted perfectly, screams and all. Unfortunately, for Derek, Noah had the exact same reaction as she open them, so he tried them all on with her. He even borrowed some of her new slippers. We all had a real good laugh.

Our two opposite girls.
My niece, Elsa, who last time I saw her she was so new it was hard to tell what she would look like. But she is so stinkin cute!

Chloe and Juli
Jocelyn had us all over to her house for a day of sledding. Ava actually loved it this year (as opposed to last).

This is my favorite. Ty sent them down alone, the look of pure joy can't be hidden from their faces!

Grandma Nancy and Papa Dan, who put up with us all staying with them :)

Ava loves to wear Grandpa's reading glasses. And Christian obviously loved wearing uncle Jake's hat. I think he took a liking to uncle Jake in general.

Grandma made jammies for EVERYONE this year, instead of just the grandkids.
While we were in Utah my sister, Amber went through the temple. It was such a fun day. I am so glad that I was able to be there and share it with her.

Just in case you are need more pics, as always they are on our smugmug site under Holidays, 2007!


Gilly Funk said...

That is so neat that you could be there when Amber went through! Looks like Christmas was fun too!! Holidays are getting so fun as the kids grow older! I hope next time you come to Utah I will be down there so we can get together.

Tracy said...

Mary and the shepheard look like they are on drugs..very alternative of you.! :) They are too cute. Had fun with you guys on Monday!

Amanda said...

It's about time! Welcome back.

Cute, cute pictures. I love the one of Christian in Jake's hat. I'm glad you guys had a fun Christmas. We missed you.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of Elsa and Chloe. I haven't seen Elsa in a while and that was a darling picture of her. Also, I haven't ever seen Chloe with hair. I didn't know she'd gotten any hair. She looks so different.

Thanks for sharing.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

looks like a great christmas. i love the sledding pictures. ava's face is priceless!!

and i love your sister's temple bag. very chic.