Friday, January 18, 2008


...make life so much better! I am fortunate enough to have wonderful friends all over the place. I wandered home past 1:00am last night with a grand smile across my face after a fun-filled ladies night. Each month a few of my good friends get together and do nothing but indulge ourselves with tasty treats (such as the wonderful sweet potato waffles we had last night) and fantastic conversation. I absolutely love being able to spend a night with super women and chat about everything under the sun. I am always learning something new from each of them. There is never a worry in the world because each of us know that we are loved by the others for who we are. Thanks for another wonderful night ladies!

P.S. How lucky am I to live in one of the most beautiful places. A friend of mine took me out to Rancho San Antonio, which is like 5 minutes from me, and took the most adorable pictures of my Ava (coming soon). Thanks Alie!


Alie said...

I love hanging out with the girls too! I wanna COME!!!!

Amanda said...

Girlfriends are so important to our sanity. I miss hanging out with my friends. Luckily we have a blog that keeps us in touch and communicating with each other.

I haven't been out with just friends in a long time. It seems that most of my really good friends have moved away and now I've moved away from my other good friends. I look forward to going back home and being close to those I love.

I know we love our husbands dearly, but there's just something about talking with your best friend. Someone who knows you really well and has been through most everything in your life with you. It's hard to explain, but the relationship between friends is a special one.

Love you!

Tracy said...

I was dragging on Friday morning...but it was TOTALLY worth it!! I love those nights they keep me going month to month! I am gratful for a wonderful and talented friend like you. :)