Monday, October 15, 2007

Reason for a crib

You know, it is one of those things that you never really think about...why babies are actually in cribs. Well I have actually learned quite well, and I will tell you. In our hotel there was a port-a-crib for Christian to use. In our apartment they didn't have a "baby bed". We just kind of thought we will make do (what were we thinking, how do you "make do"?) Well, they did bring us in 2 roll away beds for the kids that are about 2 feet off the ground, great for Ava, not so much for Christian. So we took the fluffy comforter off of one and made a little bed on the cold hardwood floor, wrapped Christian up and put him to bed.

It seemed just fine...until about 12am. Ty and I were talking in bed when we heard a consistant rattling against the hardwood. We open our door and looked into the kitchen to see Christian rolled all the way across the floor to our door looking up like he was ready to crawl toward us with a big smile! We were laughing so hard, eventually he got a little frustrated when he would try to lay his head down on the floor and it was cold and hard. So we moved him back and he fell back to sleep.

So now for the solution...I really should wait for a picture, but...

the suitcase :)


Joe and Amy said...

That is hilarious! Good luck with the suitcase!

cassi said...

That is really funny!

Hope you guys are having fun out there!