Sunday, October 21, 2007

Europe, through the eyes of a 2 year old.

Germany is wonderful. We are having a great time exploring and learning how life might be to live in another country. It has been so nice to have simplified life a bit. Since we have the kiddos here this vacation isn't exactly that. Instead it is life in a different place. We still are trying to keep a schedule with the kids (aimlessly). However, we are without most of the things we would use everyday at home. Interesting how life still goes on without toys, tv (at least in English), work (for me, not ty) a lot of things that we would fill time with at home. So when Ty heads off to work we plan our day out (because the apartment is too small to stay for extended periods of time).
While we are out, it is me, the kids and a load of people that don't speak English. Needless to say Ava and I have had some wonderful conversations! It has been fun to focus all my attention, all the time to the kids. So instead of going to museum and cathedrals, this is the greater part of Germany that we have seen...

Ava 3 favorite things to do in Europe...
1. Play in the dirt, sand, or leaves, depending what is beneath her feet.
2. Run around by the river, usually chasing birds.
3. By her own invitation, pet every dog that she possibly sees.

At least she is having fun.


Joe and Amy said...

The pictures are great! What an awesome experience. You Fish's have really been around the world. Hope everything continues to go well.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

so much fun. what a great adventure this is. i'm so jealous. ava is just adorable!