Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Utah Festivities

So we went to Utah for a month.  It was SO nice.  I often get worn out when we go there for too long, but not this time.  It was wonderful.  Here are a few of the random things we filled our time with.
Ava and some girl cousins loved to dig into the box of old formal dresses.  When you have a former Beauty queen sister this box contains some real gems!
 I got to do some good cuddles with my new niece, Hannah Louise (or Hannah Wa-lise as her sister calls her).

My BIL Clark is in the American Fork Symphony (I believe that is the name) and they did a concert at the AF amphitheater.  It was good times.
 Ava attended a neighborhood princess camp.  She loved it.
 We spent our fair share of days at the Lindon pool.  That pool is awesome.
 After the pool we we usually come home to make some sort of treat with grandma.  My kids loved helping her...especially licking the spoon of frosting or batter.
 Ty didn't come until 2 weeks after us.  The night he came home Christian was really excited and kept sneaking out of bed.  I finally found him asleep in the front room.
 The Arts Festival is always fun for my kids.  Here they are with cousins in front of auntie Joce's car that had a sweater knitted onto it.
 Then they got to make all sorts of crafts and try all sorts of instruments.
good times.

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