Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

While we were in Utah the Kearl's decided to all party at Bear Lake for a few days.  All the cousins were together.  All the parents were making their kids do all the things they did as children at the cabin.  For example: throwing the extra pancakes off the deck of the cabin.
 Going on the Hike and sitting on the bent tree. 
 This year there were flowers...
 and snow.
 Here are all the cousins, minus the 2 babies.
 Ava and her only mobile girl cousin.

 Ava got buried in the Vball court, folowed by her cousin telling her that this was how pirates killed people, burying them in the sand and letting the tide come in...lovely.
 Grandma created a cute craft for the kids and they loved it.
 Then we went to the lake.  Joce and Lisa brought a paddle board.  I'm addicted.  They are really fun.  I wish I had one to use on our lake for a little workout ever morning.
 Remember Kate and Bennett last time they were together?  It involved a lot of teeth and fingernails.  Well, their relationship has come full circle.  Kate's teeth and nails may have been sharpened for the occasion, but they were never used on Bennett.  They were friends the whole time.
 Here they are mid convo.
 paddle boarding.
 The lake was a little chilly.
 Grandma Kearl looking great and dry doing her grandma duties with the new babe.
 Candace made these cute towels for everyone.  I love them!  We take them to our lake everyday!

 B man likes the paddle board too.
 Kate, squeezed in between Jon and Sara for her first ride on a Seadoo.
See what I mean.  Lovely.

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Jan'l said...

That looks like sooo much fun! I love family time. I love that picto of you out there in lake paddling :)