Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Christian has a love-hate relationship with preschool. Last week was his first. He was so excited. I heard his little feet coming running down the stairs Tuesday morning followed by, "we godda huwwy. i got school today." He insisted on wearing his soccer jersey, which made is daddy proud. I wasn't about to ruffle any feathers, so I let him.

The picture below is technically his second day, but he is wearing normal clothes.

Unfortunately, the excitement lasted until we actually got to the school and he saw another little girl crying and realized that we were leaving. It didn't help that I got parent of the year by showing up at 9:20, which is early enough for him to get settled before a 9:30 class, of course his is a 9:00 class. Good one mom!
So drop off is getting better. There haven't been tears since the first day. He is happy as a clam when we pick him up and thrilled to teach us his new songs and show us his art.
On another note. I headed to a little farm close by with some friends and snapped a few of the boys.

There has been a request for a few of our hair-less wonder. So here you go...

(don't be deceived by that smile.)

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The Gilberts said...

cuteness! love those smiles.