Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Compare the Hair

Bennett is one stinkin cute kiddo. No disputing that. He is just hair-less. He's bald. He has had 2 haircuts in his life and they both included only removing the mullet growing slightly longer in the back and on the sides.
I don't mind all that much. Less upkeep, right? But, I was fairly certain my other two kids had quite a bit of hair at his age. So I looked back at some old pics. Bennett is just about 21 months.
Ava at 21 months her shoulders.
Christian 21 months

A nice thick, full head of hair. AND only a few weeks earlier it looked like this...
and that was with haircuts (even on the top).

Point proven. Thus he is our hair-less wonder. But I love that hair-less kid!


whitney said...

bennett and oliver can be buds... oliver is bald, too. but they're still cute!

Hayley said...

yes, he is a VERY cute little baldy, as is oliver.
bennett looks so big!!!