Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I really try to live life for the time being, not always waiting for the next great thing to happen. You know, like a vacation or big plans or whatever you are excited about. You know, carpe diem. Don't get me wrong, I love anticipating such things, but I try to keep an everyday focus on reality and to be happy with life as it is. With that said, I am so ECSTATIC to move. Here are a few reasons why.

Reason Number 1:
To escape the ghetto. Okay, Okay, we don't really live in the ghetto (or at least the ghetto of Hackensack) but it is not the part of New Jersey that is easy to fall in love with.
Reason Number 2:
To have the sweet, sweet reunion to all of our belongings. Camera chargers (which will lead to a working camera, which will lead to pictures), kids outdoor toys, our own furniture (so I don't have to go ballistic every time our kids put grubby hands on the couch), oh, and of course our own pots and pans (although I have finally figured out how to cook an egg on them and more importantly I'm able to get the egg off).
Reason Number 3:
Although it goes along with number 2 it definitely deserves it's own spotlight. Food. Our current weekly menu goes something like this: salad, chicken salad lettuce wraps, tacos, spaghetti, vegetable pasta. repeat. repeat. repeat. It will be a good day when I get to see my spices again. I know, I could have bought more, but who wants to spend the money and end up with 2 bottles of cumin?

Reason Number 4:
To get down from the 10th floor of a high-rise. We do have a decent view of Manhattan, but the claustrophobia that I feel trumps that, big time. I probably wouldn't do well in the city itself...at least with kids. It is a serious pain to get out of this building with three kids, especially if I want to carry something else with me. I will say, I think we have mastered it though. Bennett even knows right where to turn, which stairs he needs me to hold him for, which elevator buttons to push, and where to stop and watch for cars.
Reason Number 5:
My kids are far too familiar with word world, mickey mouse clubhouse and dinosaur train, to name a few. Far too familiar.
Reason Number 6:
Okay, all this complaining is getting old so I'm going to get to the point. About 45 days ago we decided to buy a house. Unfortunately, they then make you wait until you are completely insane before they allow you to step foot in this said house. Therefore all decorating ideas I have come up with, and there have been many, will probably change once we are actually in the house. But, we are SOOO ready to move into our new house, paint the walls, unload our stuff and make it our own. We close on Thursday. Then, of course we are refinishing the floors and therefore have another week before we move in, but at least we can visit and do a few things here and there. Here are some shots of the backyard. It is a little over grown and the grass is a little clovery, but very quaint. We probably have 30+ different types of trees in our yard. I love it.

I clearly have not been very good at my CARPE DIEM idea, right?


Ashley said...

That backyard looks like the setting for a fairy tale! So jealous of all your space and trees! I am shamed by your list of reasons for needing to move. Your weekly menu is 10 times fancier than mine (on a normal, non-newborn basis). I didn't even see chicken nuggets or hot dogs on the list. And I saw the word "vegetable" in there. That's honorable.

As for Ali and Roberto . . . I wasn't into him (either guy really) until the finale. Then I saw the light and saw that Ali and Roberto really are in love and meant to be forever! (I felt the same way about Jillian and Ed.) Loved how she cut Chris loose early. Classy. Praying he's not our next bachelor--for his sake and because while he's nice we need someone with some personality for a change. Tell me you're not watching Bachelor Pad--it's pure trash! I was ashamed when Tyler caught me glued to it last night! What did you think? And sorry to grafitti your blog with this comment.

Granum Family said...

Oh I'm jealous of your yard!!! If you guys come into the city, let us know... we'd love to get together!

Alie said...

Wow Lindsey! Your house is gorgeous! You deserve every square foot of that place, and I know that you are going to appreciate it :)

I know what you mean about living in a city- even though Paris is a dream, living on the 6th floor without an elevator, and walking through such narrow streets is kind of hard to swallow. I never never thought I'd say this, but I kind of miss the suburbs, or at least my car, or at least some space.

The Mostess said...

Good luck! Can't wait for you to move in and show off your newly decorated digs!