Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Twins are 30!

Ty is doing all these things to do with 30 to go along with his new age. So here are 30 of my favorite things about Ty.
1. He's anal. "Did you check this, did you call her..." Although this can be incredibly annoying at times, it has save us more times than not.
2. He is very self motivated.
3. He is a lover of cheese and is convinced he would also be a lover of wine, if he ever tasted it. So he substitutes with Newman's Own grape juice.
4. He prides himself on being a good driver, which he is (except for the time he made my mom so carsick she threw up upon arrival :)).
5. He is a great dad and has the sweetest relationship with each of his kids.
6. He is genuinely excited to get Bennett out of his crib after every nap or every morning.
7. He used to sleep lying flat on his back with no pillow, until he claims that Jon and I ridiculed him enough to make him change. Every bad night of him sleeping on his side is blamed on us :) He is trying to return to his old ways.
8. He talks to his twin everyday. At least they did when they were in the same country and I believe they still would. They are best friends.
9. He doesn't LOVE his job, but still works really hard to be good at it.
10. He is very creative and usually is the genius behind my products.
11. He aspires to be a handy man and fix up his house or maybe just finish the basement of that house (the house that we will own one day).
12. He is not very prideful, but VERY prideful about his kids.
13. And maybe his title as winner of the dance-off at the 80's Prom we went to a few years back.
14. Tyler would prefer a steak at my dad's over going to almost any restaurant.
15. He thinks one of the funniest words in the English language is "Bastard".
16. He doesn't say it a whole lot...only on special occasions.
17. He cuts our boys hair, and is pretty good at it. I let him cut mine once. He was not good at it.
18. Tyler is a very committed person.
19. He loves to cook out, particularly in a dutch oven.
20. He loves a good game of cards and resents that the last two trips to Utah cards have not been played.
21. He loves to shop at Costco. He'll even take the kids with him if it means he'll get to Costco.
22. He played the clarinet as a kid. He once practiced so much for his recital and when his performance time came he would try to blow no sound came out.
23. He loves me.
24. He is solid in his beliefs.
25. He is not judgemental, but rather very respectful and intrigued by others views, opinions, beliefs.
26. Tyler is a wonderful teacher and enjoys doing it. I think he should be a professor. He favorite job was teaching in the MTC.
27. Of all the bodily fluids and what not that children release, he hate boogers the worst.
28. He will watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette with me. He only comments on how stupid the show is for the first half of the season AND during the finale.
29. He is so supportive to me. He allows me to grow and develop, doing the things that I want to.
30. He is a rock star dad. Our kids love him.
I asked the kids their favorites things about daddy:
He loves us
He makes us special birthday parties
He takes us to the park
His kisses. I second that one ;)
He saves us from bad guys.

Happy 30th Birthday Ty! We love you!

Ode to the twin
Jon is pretty great, too. So here's to you.
Uncle Gog, Uncle Dog (depending on the child you ask)
He is not anal.
He is equally as prideful about his daughter.
He also loves us (in a very brother-in-law/uncle sort of way) and has worked as a "stand-in husband/father" for us.
He understands Ty and helps him a lot and visa-versa.
He plays name calling with my kids and they love it. (Christian favorite thing about gog is that he calls him pumpkin head. Ava's is that he says funny things.)
Christian still wonders why he has two dads.
When he comes to visit he spends all his time focusing on the kids.
We would be perfectly happy living next to them our whole lives.
We are glad to have uncle dog.

Happy Birthday Uncle Gog!


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

one of the first times i remember talking to tyler was on the bus. he was carrying his clarinet and wearing a neck brace! weird that i remember that!

happy birthday to jon and ty. They are both great guys and I'm lucky to know them.

Jonny K said...

that's right Paige, you ARE lucky to know us...

i can't stop laughing about the sleeping with no pillow bit...hahah...wierdo


uncle Gog (aka. dog)

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, Tyler...and Jon. Can't believe I have known the Kearl clan for 30 years now. Funny that Tyler hates boogers the most. Can't remember if it was him or Jon who sneezed all over the popcorn balls we made when they were little and one even had a big booger land on it. Maybe that's why he hates them so much! Oh, the memories... Love you all!

Tyler Kearl said...

ahhhh...it was me (Tyler) on Jon's popcorn ball...traumatized for life.

The Mostess said...

Well, he *did* slide through your legs on his stomach to solidify his Dance-Off title, so that's fairly brag-worthy.

Hope things are shaping up in NJ!