Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Times

We spent the last month and a half before we moved in Utah. Summer is great in Utah, the kids run throughout the neighborhood, the temperature is perfect (besides the few snow storms that occurred while we were there), and there is super company. Here are some of the best times.

We rarely see rainbows like this in California.
Christian was playing under my dad's desk and next thing I knew...
My mom and I were doing stuff when we realized we didn't know where the B man was. We walked into the kitchen to find him sitting on the counter, pointing at my mom's coke saying, "Dat" as if to inform us of what he just drank.

I am pretty confident that some of Christian's favorite times were "working with papa". Every Saturday he would work with papa. He went with him to the nursery to buy plants, went to the store with him, but I think his favorite was working in the yard with him. He chose "working with papa" over a lot of other fun activities. Once Ava and Bennett saw how much fun he was having, they wanted to join in.

I finally got to meet baby Stephen. I have been best of friends with Emily for 25 years. We now both have kids. My kids loved Stephen.

He is super cute and I loved seeing Em!
We miss our time in Utah already!


shannon said...

so fun! and i love emily! ;)

Hayley said...

a few things:
- i love your hair!
- i will miss not seeing gma nancy for a couple years :(
- we still talk about christian on a daily basis & i'm reminded that "he will be back"
- happy b-day tyler! yes, you do throw some awesome kid's b-day parties & you owned the 80's prom dance-floor.
- i wish i were there with you for your horrible first week :( we could have laughed about it & then eaten our feelings with some serious ice-cream.

miss you!

Grammy and Papa Dan said...

Our house is SO quiet. Please come back!!! We miss the little ones so much. Boring, boring, boring around here! I think Papa Dan could use help on the yard & I miss Bennett trying to copy everything I did. Plus Ava telling everyone how it is to be done. We can hardly function with just the two of us! It was great fun having you here for a few months.
Thank you, Hayley for your nice words! I will miss all of my adopted California friends as well. I still cry when I think about it (just ask Lindsey!) I don't think Lindsey's New Jersey's friends will be as fun OR nice as you all on the West coast.
Linds, we miss you all terribly, honestly all of you, but mostly the kids. I can talk to you big people but I can't interact with the little people! Give them all big hugs & kisses from us oldies! Luv you all! xoxo

mer and josh said...

Cute cut! Emily's little guy is so darling! Tell her hello!

mer and josh said...

PS wish I could of seen you when you were here.

Mike and Lisa said...

Hey Lindsay....I don't know if you remember me, I use to play volleyball with Amber way back in 10th grade. This is Lisa Williams. Hey I am trying to catch up with Amber...was wondering if you have her email or anything? If you talk to her will you give her my email..

p.s. your kids are so dang cute. looks like they keep you busy! :)