Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Stand-In

Tyler is working.
Today and everyday.
Yes, it is Sunday and no, accounting firms don't understand that a month without any weekend days off is not good for anyone. So while he is off working insane hours, his twin brother, Jon came to visit. He got to hang out with us a ton. It was awesome. I can't wait for them to get off the large island they are living on and move back to us.

Jon went to our ward Christmas party with me...without Tyler. It was the entertainment for the night. Jokes were attempted, people were fooled, and many laughs were had. Tyler made it to the end of the the same hat :)

Jon was a big help to me while Ty was working. People even commented, "I thought he was Tyler, he was totally helping with the kids. Brother-in-laws don't help with kids." Well, folks, Jon does...I think he knew I needed it :)

Last year Christian got really attached to Jon while he was in town, being quite confused who was his dad. This year he had a little more confidence in who his dad was, but not quite enough. EAch time Tyler or Jon walked in he looked at me and said, "Mommy, is that uncle dog or daddy?" The second day we came into our room first thing in the morning, jumped up on our bed (seeing Tyler) and said, "hey, it's uncle dog!" When I replied that it was daddy he said, "Me have two daddies!" Awesome.

Another weekend activity was Santa.
We tried Santa last year.
This was the result.
My kids weren't fans of him. This year I knew it was going to be good when Ava started into one of her usual anxiety fits when she heard we were going to see him. She had absolutely no interest in sitting on his lap, or even seeing him for that matter.

Well it went better than expected. I had to start in the picture, but was able to sneak out for a few. After Ava had kept as much distance from Old Kris Kringle as possible she walked away and whispered in my ear, "Mom, does he know I want some Littlest Pet shop and a 2 wheeled scooter?" I assured her he did and she was satisfied.

Christian, on the other hand was thrilled to tell Santa what he wanted.

Not bad. Is that a smile I see on her face?

Anyone notice anything about our cute little "family" Santa Claus picture.
Thanks Sara and Kate for lending us your husband and father!


The Mostess said...

I know!!! It's Uncle Dog. He has a different nose.

I was totally fooled all night, what with him helping with the kids and all. Then I saw the two of them together. I'm sure it was fun for them to pull the ol' switcheroo like they did back in the day. I wish I had a twin that was good at math.

Having two daddies around here is par for course, baby. Join the club! ;)

Sara said...

Love it. However, I'm glad that I get him back now :) Also glad he was so helpful, I would expect nothing less.

Looking forward to more switcheroos. Too bad we don't look more alike...then it would be really convenient...and really weird.

Paige said...

so funny. how nice to have a stand in. i need to get me one of those!!

and my kids aren't santa fans either. i'm impressed that ava even went close - that's something my kids won't do at all!

Alie said...

That last picture almost fooled me!!! I'm glad you had such an awesome time!!!

Kevin and Kristina said...

That is awesome. I really want to go to Utah and try to do that switcher-oo with my sister now... or have her come here. It would totally work right now since no one in my new place would know me well enough to see the difference. Glad yo got some help too. So funny!

Ivan Makarov said...

I can barely tell who is who in that photo.

Merry Christmas to you guys.

Kendra Seel said...

So fun to look at your blog. Glad you had a good Christmas! Miss you guys!