Thursday, October 23, 2008


The pumpkin patch, always a joy. The kids loved it. Ava loved the pony ride, which Christian hated. Christian loved the train ride and the ducks and other animals. They both loved the pumpkins and the pumpkin pie.

Making Halloween cookies was so fun this year, mostly because Ava made some classic faces on her pumpkins.


Jonny K said...

Fun...i'm sure it wasn't nearly as fun with out Aunty Sara and Uncle Gog but looks like you still had a good time. :)

Kendra Seel said...

Oh how I miss the Kearl family. Looking at your pictures makes me feel like I am looking at members of my family. Miss you so much!

Hupp Family said...

ok, I just have to say that your children are so beautiful! Great job guys! This is Joe Hupps wife by the way.