Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Boy is Growing Up

I am constantly amazed at how different everything is with the second child, proof of their individuality I guess. Well yesterday I had the nesting itch...big time. So I headed to the mall to pick up the new baby's bedding and came home to redo the house! I moved all of Ava's things into her new room (consisting of her QUEEN bed) and organized the soon-to-be boys room. I took apart the crib bedding and got Christian's new toddler bed ready. Ready or not little buddy! But both kids were super excited to sleep in their respective "big beds", that was until bedtime actually came. We thought we would put Ava down first to show Christian how she could sleep in her big bed. By the time we got him to his bed he was ticked that Ava was elsewhere. After a few minutes we had to lay him down, run out of the room and close the door. I know we sound like horrible parents. He, of course ran to the door and cried. It only lasted about 3 minutes, then there was silence. The question being was he right behind the door or actually in his bed. After a safe amount of silence we checked and he was fast asleep in his bed. YAY Christian! By morning we found him here, but I think this happen at about 6am...not bad little buddy.

Ava on the other hand was so excited she couldn't sleep for the first hour, then ended up on the floor next to our bed half way through the night. Wish me luck, and peaceful sleeping tonight.


Kim said...

I'm way impressed that he went back to his bed. Ryan would have slept by the door:). Good luck tonight!

Chelsea Anne said...

Holy Smokes I pretty much forgot that you were pregnant. I know I am a sucky friend. And you are having a boy? Where have I been. Maybe my reader isn't working properly or something. Your due Christmasish right? We both will have two boys and a girl. I sure wish you lived closer.

Up until about 2 months ago, Faith didn't think it was possible to get out of her bed by herself. It was heaven while it lasted.

Jonny K said...


hayleyrowan said...

cute pictures. the kids are adorable. can't believe how light christians hair is. can't believe you're about to have three! coming to utah anytime soon?

Joe Hupp said...

Tyler & Lyndsey...

How the heck are you guys?

This is Joe Hupp and I had lost your contact information and finally found you online.

We sent you an birth announcement to our latest addition but it came back.

Sorry to use your Blog as the forumn to contact you but I hope everything is going great.

We added you to our blog at

Anyway, I'd love to get back in touch and see how you guys have been.

Tracie said...

What cute little kiddos. Seems as though they love their parents very very much.