Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ava's words

Ava has really been cracking me up lately. Here are a few recent laughs I've had.

Morning is my favorite time to go outside lately. So I enjoy taking the kids for a walk around our beautiful neighborhood. As we walk little miss friendly has to make sure she says hello to every person she sees and pets every animal she sees. Today as we walked we came upon an older man in his yard without his shirt on. Ava yells,

"Hi NAKED Man!"

He didn't seem to hear her that time so she yelled lounder until he did. The nice man just smiled and said hello.

We were swimming at a pool nearby a few weeks ago and there was a nice middle-aged woman there who happened to be wearing a two-piece swimsuit. Ava had a nice conversation with her, it went something like this:
Ava: "Why are you showing your tummy?"
Woman: "Well, umm...I wanted to get some sun on it."
Ava: "Oh, my mommy doesn't show her tummy. She has a baby in it and the baby would fall out so she has to keep her tummy covered."

We took Ava to my ultrasound on Tuesday thinking she would understand a little more and enjoy seeing the new baby. She was great and when the doctor pointed out his head she pointed out the baby's eyes. When the doctor finally said, "Well, it is a Boy." Ava's first words were, "But I want it to be a girl baby." (I think she is accepting the fact of a boy a little better now, but still mentions this from time to time.) A few minutes later at the appointment she said, "Mom, when are they going to put the cream on my tummy and look at my baby elephant?" Ever since watching Dumbo about a month ago she has been telling me about this baby elephant in her tummy. I asked her if she thinks that the stork in Dumbo is going to bring our baby to us...she hasn't quite decided yet.

Last night, before bed Christian was playing with Ava's sunglasses during songs. When we were ready for bed Ava took the sunglasses, assurring me that she would put them someplace safe for the night. I got a small glance of her stuffing them under her pillow. About 15 minutes later I walked by their room to see this...

Fast asleep with her sunglasses on.

What a personality this little 3 year old has. I love it!


The Atwoods said...

She is seriously a crack-up. I hope you keep a log of all her silly sayings...she'll love it in years to come :)

Natalie said...

I just saw someone on your facebook saying you might be in Newport. You better not come down here without saying know that's where we live. Hope you're doing well. Congrats on another baby boy...can't believe you're going to have 3.

We do because we Mexi-Can! said...

That is so funny. I love the naked man comment! And of course she would sleep with the glasses on if it meant keeping them safe from her little brother! Classic, that is the perfect solution!

Erin and James said...

she is hillarious! ahaha. i love the comment about the baby elephant in her tummy!

Gilly Funk said...

That is a great post, it's just so funny! I don't know why, but that picture with her sun glasses on just made me laugh! These are the moments you want to remember.

Amanda said...

Kimball is so excited for you guys to come. He keeps saying, "guess who's coming in two weeks? Ava". Can't wait to see you guys.