Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Utah, The 4th and everything else I missed

There was about a 3 week span a little while back that I didn't write and now I will attempt to touch lightly on all the things that were going on. Ava, Christian and I spent 3 weeks in Utah, Ty met up with us for the last week after spending a week at Zion's Camp (basically Young Men's Camp) and a little work. We did tons of fun things while we were there and I was really bad with the picture taking. Here were a few Highlights:
  • Arts Festival (thanks Joce)- the kids absolutely LOVED this (pics below)
  • Mine and Ty's anniversary- spent in Park nice (thanks gma's for watching the kids)
  • Tyler's 10 year Reunion- we were a little skeptical about going, but we had so much fun and laughed a ton! I am glad I get along with Ty's friends wives so well!
  • Spending wonderful time with family
  • Golfing- I think Ty and I have found a new hobby
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • The 4th- the race, the movie, the BBQ, and of course the fireworks
  • The Zoo with cousins
  • Playing everyday with friends and cousins-and of course meeting cousin Will

Christian painting at the Arts Festival
Cute cousin Will
Ava giving "butterfly" kisses to Christian
Ava was so incredibly excited about having this done. She sat perfectly still while the man did his work. Then she couldn't get enough of the mirror (and the camera).

This picture pretty much explains Ava and noah's relationship (if only we also had a picture of them running full speed into each other also).

I haven't stopped hearing about "Lucy" (pictured above). She has begged me (with literal tears) to go to Auntie Joce's house to see Lucy!

Candace and Jocelyn- It was great to spend time with you guys!
Train at the Zoo
Oh the race! Yes, we had Obama (Ty) McCain (Dave) and George W. (Derek) along with 2 secret service people (Candace and Clark) running) What dorks, but I think they had a good time.Christian thought this was hilarious and wouldn't let go of his dad after the race.


Lauren said...

Yeah for good time spent with family and friends! It looks like you guys had a great time. I have been wanting to tell you that I think you take great pictures! Honestly...not only are your kids beautiful, but you take awesome pictures...makes looking at the blog even better =D

Tyler said...

It's like running with a sauna on your head...

- Barack Obama