Friday, July 18, 2008


Last minute, we were able to throw our things together and head to Sacramento area for the weekend with some of our great friends. It was so nice to spend time out at this "cabin", if that word can even be used for a place that is 10 times bigger and nicer than my house, on 1500 acres of land with it's own little lake. The kids loved it too!
We sang karaoke, fished, swam at the lake, went wine tasting (minus the wine), went berry picking (minus the berries), and stayed up way too late. Tyler could have fished ALL day long, literally. He didn't, but he still caught about 25 plus fish and we didn't even eat one. A highlight for me was while we were all out on the lake in the blow up island and tyler and tracy each took a turn on Christian's little blow up lady bug tube (made for babies mind you). They sunk down to about their chest and floated away to fish. I wish I'd had my camera to show how hilarious it looked to see a person from the shoulders up in the middle of the lake, fishing. Ahh, good times.
We were also able to see deer, wild turkeys, jack rabbits, but luckily no rattle snakes.

A big thanks to the Tracy and Jeff for letting us join them about 2 hours before they left :)


We do because we Mexi-Can! said...

Ha ha! That's a cabin? I want a cabin! Looks like a blast!

vest said...

wow. beautiful cabin. wish we had one. looks like bunches of fun!

Mandi Kiholm Nuttall said...

You were in Sacramento? Where? I want to go back home so bad! I haven't been home in about a year. You guys look so good and so happy!

Lauren said...

I don't know that there is anything greater than spending quality time with family and friends at a lake. We are going to Lake Tahoe with Taylor's next week and I seriously can't wait!!! I'm glad you guys had so much fun.