Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Self Proclaimed American Idol Nut!...a confession by Lindsey's husband...

He..hEl...hello? mmm...Hi...Tyler here.

I'm the other half (the weaker, less interesting, and incredibly less spontaneous/less"crafty" half) to the amazing Lindsey Fish Kearl...and daddy to some amazingly cute and fun kids...Hi. For Almost 5 years now, I've been watching Lindsey do this blogging thing. Ok, I'll admit it...i'm a closet blogger...well, reader, observer, sideline contributor, etc. Anyway, I finally have a comment worthy of blogging by myself. Perhaps my little tidbit of insight, prophesy, prediction, hope, dream, whatever will inspire the inevitable as I see it.

Well here goes...I think David Cook and Carrie Underwood should hook up. There, see, I've said it.

Now you know a couple things about me that you didn't before.
1) It's true. I watch American Idol (imagine Seacrest saying that with extra ummph on the "erican" part of American and it will have come across as intended). I watch every week and nothing gets me more worked up, than the few times I had to miss it this season.
2) I watched two seasons ago when Carrie Underwood was on it. (I also watched 3 years ago when what's-his-name, gray hair man sang songs only our grandparents were rocking to...and of course the unjustified early exit by Daughtry.)
3) Ok. I watched the lip sinking Sparks win last year as well...
4) Ok...I'll just throw this in because you couldn't possibly know by what I've already said...but I have purchased American Idol music on my IPOD...ahhhhhh...that felt good to get off my chest!

Perhaps I'm the only one in the virtual blogging world that has expressed this thought--i'm talking again about the future Carrie Underwood Cook. David, buddy, did you see her on the finally tonight? Holy smokes! (Don't worry all, Lindsey is well aware of my Carrie crush).

Tonight the best man did win the competition (by 12 million votes, need I remind you). Kudos to Archuleta (and White for that matter) for representing.

Yours truly,


PS...Guess who has tickets to the Idol Tour in San Jose on July 8? Yup, Lindsey and I do.

PPS...Guess who bought them? Me. (Don't worry mom, there will be tons of parents at the concert too...)


Sara said...
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Jonny K said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Two words...spell check.

Don't worry, "blogosphere" is a least as far as the wisdom of Wikipedia is concerned.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

is this awkward that i'm going to admit that i have a carrie underwood crush as well? however, not so sure how i feel about her hooking up with david cook. i don't see it. and i don't think i could go to the concert for the fact that i would have to see that gross amanda up close. she drives me up the wall!! welcome to blogging ty.

Gilly Funk said...

I think the Carrie Underwood and David Cook thing might work, I hadn't thought of that before now. Interesting....
I too am going to the AI concert this summer, can't wait!!

allegra said...

hahahhaha i love it when the husbands make a post. they're always so, what's the word? funny. :) well, if i were a dude i'd have a crush on carrie too.. she's beautiful. my husband thinks she is cute too... i think it's cool you watch american idol. dan NEVER watchs it with me. he despises the show, don't ask me how.

she doesn't hold a candle to lindsey though!

Amanda said...

It's called Tivo or DVR. Stop living in the 90s and get it already. It costs us 5 bucks a month. I know you're not that cheap. Come on.

I too am a crazy American Idol fan. I have watched every single season religiously. (Okay, I started in the middle of season one.)

As much as we (yes, we-Clark watches too) loved David Cook, I think Archuletta fit the "American Idol" mold better. I believe David Cook was awesome, I just hope he's not held back at all by the contract that he'll be in.

I love American Idol, but my confession is that I love So You Think You Can Dance even more.

Tyler said...


DVR costs $5 bucks.

Cable costs $40 (at least)

I have neither.


PS Yes, I am that cheap.

The LeRoy's said...

too funny! Although I will admit, I would love to go see American Idol. My husband also got into it this year! Great post! Made my day! LOL

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i just read that david cook went out with kimberly caldwell (she was in one of the first couple of seasons) and he said that there might be a second date. sorry if all your hopes and dreams are crushed. at least this means carrie is still available!

Mandi Kiholm Nuttall said...

This is so funny! All I have to say is AMEN to all of that! The only think is thanks to DVR, I didn't miss a show. I am a crazy fanatic! Oh, and I don't have tickets...dang it! I miss you fish..I mean Kearl!