Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Sad Day!

Auntie Sara and Uncle "Gog" (Jon) having been staying with us the last couple weeks, but this morning they left us for the British accent and HobNobs. Yes, they are moving to London. We tried (quite desperately) to make them stay this morning, but no, they are currently in their cozy business class seats to the UK, sipping on never ending Diet Coke and snacking on more than nuts. We are so sad to see them leave for 2 years...we are tempted to join them. Sara and I joke about always following each other around our whole lives (we are content with the idea, whether the twins are or not). It has been so nice to have family here California. Ava and Christian LOVE their auntie and uncle. They have been around the most of any family for almost all of both of our kids lives. We will miss you guys a ton and can't wait to meet back up...or for Jon to find Ty an opening there :)

Before they left they gave the kids these darling little outfits. Could the Star Wars shirt be any cooler, especially with the shorts. Ava looked so cute in her little dress too. The top pic is the kids with Gog and Sara right before the tears fell and they drove away.

Below is a classic Ava face.
I am officially depressed! We love you guys!


becky said...

that is so sad! what a great bond they have with them...

what a great opportunity for Jon and Sara!

Kathy said...

Landon has a couple Star Wars shirts too, I love them, so cute. :)

How fun for your in-laws to be moving to London. Hopefully you guys will get to visit a lot!

Amanda said...

That is sad. And I'm totally jealous that they get to be there for two years. I miss England so much.

Good luck to Jon and Sara. Have Sara email me before she decides to have a baby there. (If she decides to have a baby there.) I have a lot to say about it.

allegra said...

i know how hard it is to say good bye to family and not be close to them. it stinks. i'm sorry! you've inspired me to grow max's hair out like christian's. he's such a cutie pie.

Sommerfeldt Family said...

Fish! Just found your blog, a friend that you went to high school with (Sydney Hulse-Zimmerman)showed it to me. Just wanted to drop you a hello! Can't believe you have two now, I think that our boys are close to the same age. Super cute!