Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A week in Prague

If you have never been to Prague, you are definitely missing out! It is a beautiful, old city that was not destroyed by the war. Lucky for me, my sister happens to live there. I packed the kids up, left Ty to work in Frankfurt and headed for a week of fun. We weren't too adventurous since I have been there before and between the two of us we would have been toting around 4 kids. So we did a few things downtown and had a blast just hanging out.
Ava and Anna looking at Prague castle from Charles Bridge.
We took the kids for a carriage ride around old town square.
The Zoo.

We were there for Halloween, luckily or my kids wouldn't have had one. Amber let us borrow a few dress up things for our costumes.
The kids were so funny. We carved pumpkins and had these little ones for decorations. We went out one night and left the kids with a babysitter and came home to them each sleeping with a baby pumpkin. It was so funny. We could just imagine the girls talking the babysitter into letting the sleep with them (like it was something there mom's would never let them do).
Thanks Ambs we had a ton of fun!

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