Thursday, November 15, 2007


My other sister Amanda and her family are living in London for about 6 months so I was able to go and visit her while I was there also. London was great. Unfortunately, all my pics from London were deleted too. But here are the highlights of the trip...

A day in London with all 6 kids (my 2, Amber's 2, and Amanda's 2) a pregnant sister, my BIL and other sister. We went on the London Eye...I had really good pics of this :( Then we just kind of walked around to different places.

The next day my 2 sister's and I went into London without kids while my superstar BIL watched 5 kids (we took Christian) and did I mention they are all 3 and under. This was so fun though. We went to the Tower of London and walked around a few other places then went shopping. We went to Marylebone Street, which was fantastic. I loved ALL the shops we went into. I highly reccommend it to anyone in London. There was this little vintage store called Cath Kidston. You could get the cutest bags and random stuff there. It also sold fabric that was adorable. Anyway we loved shopping here, it was darling!

Our next and last day there we went into the city, went to Harrod's and saw there Christmas stuff. They create this Christmas store within the department store that sells all sorts of darling Christmas stuff. I loved it. The we went to Mass at Westminister Abby.

London is great city. Thanks Amanda and Clark we had tons of fun. Ava misses her cousins already!

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Amanda said...

You're welcome. We were so happy to have you guys here. Thanks for putting up with your very slow, very pregnant sister. I'm feeling a lot better now, so if you want to come back, we can do it again, plus some.

love you!