Saturday, July 7, 2007

We're Coming to America...Today!

So the title comes from the theme music that Ty and I had to sing to each other as we watched the fireworks together this Fourth of July. What a fun holiday...I love it! So here is what ours encluded...

Ward breakfast, Ty was incharge of the whole thing. I really wanted to get a pic of him in his apron and my kids at probably the only time during the day with their clothes clean and hair nice, BUT my battery in my camera was dead, so do your best to imagine...hard I know!

Then after some good battery charging we headed to a pool BBQ at the Pharris'. It was tons of fun with great food and even greater friends.

Christian and little Maddie

Cute girls at the party

Here is Ava just helping herself to some leftover fruit dip...that's my girl!

So after the fun part-ay, we gathered our things and headed to Central park (in Santa Clara that is) for the firework show. This is where Niel Diamond got the best of us!

Three nerdy accounting husbands playing their games, just kidding, we wish we could do them too!

Ava loved running around with Hayden!

Christian was great. He fell asleep right before the fireworks and slept through them all!

Thanks Niel and Uncle was a great Fourth of July!!!


Granum Family said...

So fun! I didn't know you guys were in Sunnyvale either! I grew up in Los Altos Hills and Bryan grew up in Saratoga :)

elizabeth kartchner said...

love your fourth pics. . .great now i have that song in my head:)

hayleyrowan said...

Really cute pictures Linds. Looks like you're having quite the summer already!