Sunday, July 1, 2007

Month in Review

Sorry it has taken me so long to post, but my internet was down the last few days. I never realized how dependant I am on the internet! I can't even look up a phone number without it anymore. Remember life without...hardly!

Anyhoo, lots to post!!! So we left California on June 1st, which was Ty's birthday and headed for Utah where we had lots of fun. I was there alone with my kiddos, then Ty came in for a week, then I flew with my family to NYC and Ty went back to work. So here is a little review with pictures!

Happy Birthday Ty!! Don't worry we celebrated the night before without the kids, but forgot to take pictures. So we relived it that morning with birthday muffins! :)

The next few pics (that I stole from Nat's blog :) ) are from our little friends BBQ up the canyon. Nat you conveniently left out a pic of you guys!! It was so much fun and I am so glad that we got to see everyone a few times while I was there.

The big birthday girl!

Jesse and Marty...congrats on the little boy...we better be seeing a blog from you in the near future! ;)

Me, Chels and Ava and her boyfriend! I think they are pretty cute together what do you think?

Josh and Mer

Hayley and Grant

Don't I have cute you guys!!

Remember when he had hair?!

Cute Sammy and Kimball!

Ava had so much fun with all her cousins and has already asked for all them at least once since we have been back!

Every time we left my mom's house and walked past the car in the garage Ava would ask, "I go for ride grandma?" So my mom finally took her and when they got back all she could say was, "That was SO fun!"

Baby Elsa was born!! It is amazing to see the difference 3 1/2 months can make in baby time! They are only in that sweet little peanut stage for a short time! Obviously my porker is already out of it!

Auntie Joce took us all to the zoo! It was so fun. Ava loved the Choo-choo and she saw all of her favorite animals. In case you didn't know the picture above is what the giraffe says! It has been one of Ava's fav's for a long time!

Christian sat up so well in his high chair, he looked like such a big boy. He also started rolling over while we were in Utah!

Auntie Joce had us all over to her new house to have a BBQ for Papa Jim's big 60th!! Wahoo, happy birthday papa Jim!

Thanks to everyone for all the fun we had in Utah and Bear Lake! We miss you all already!


Natalie said...

cute pics from your was so fun to see you. we never got that brow wax in, oh well, next trip! and you're right I convienatley left out the only pic of Ty and I because it was absolutely owful! hate pictures:( notice i never post any of myself

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

Love the pics. Glad it was a great time. Happy Birthday Jimbo!! Sorry we missed the celebration!

Granum Family said...

Such cute pictures! Everything looks like so much fun!!!

becky said...

looks like you had a great time in utah...sorry we couldn't meet up, but definitely let me know next time! i also have my twin that lives in sacramento and we go to your neck of the woods quite a bit. :-) p.s. love the picture of your making the noise of a giraffe. clever!

Chelsea Anne said...

So where are you moving? I am glad we got to see a minute of you. I could take Ava as my own--Christian too.

hayleyrowan said...

cute pictures linds. can't wait til the next Utah trip! Come home soon.