Monday, June 4, 2007

We Made It!

Well we made it to Utah! My little kiddies were angels on the flight...thank goodness! Christian slept most of the time and Ava was great. For the first 20 minutes she had to inform everyone that we were on an airplane! Then as we took off she says, not so quietly, "I flying!" It was so funny. So we got in and went straight to Lisa's shower, which was darling. Then Saturday was filled with visiting ALL our cousins. Ava was in HEAVEN!! Then I had so much fun seeing my cute friends and darling kids at a little BBQ up the canyon. Natalie...I NEED your recipe for the raspberry cupcakes!! I have craved them since Saturday! Then with Sunday came church and a full day of cousins! We are loving being here, even though we miss Daddy a ton! Ava has only asked for him 500 times! We left on his birthday, which we celebrated on Thursday and Ava has not stopped singing "Happy Birthday to you, Daddy". Anyway, we miss you and hope you are having "fun" in Atlanta. We can't wait to see you!


cassi said...

Linds- I am SO sad we missed each other!! Christmas break? Actually, I may be heading out to Oakland for a friend's wedding this that very far away from you?

Lindsey said...

no! we are only about 30-45 minutes from Oakland! let me know if you come.