Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stroller Help?!

Okay, so no baby yet. We keep thinking it is soon, but it will probably be another week! So in the meantime, anyone have an AWESOME double stroller? The thought of a double stroller kind of makes me cringe anyway, so I have been dreading the thought actually buying one! I really like this one above, the Phil and Ted double (of course, because it is expensive!) It seems great, and I could run with it too, which I will need considering I am running in the Disneyland 1/2 marathon in September. Anyone want to join in the fun?? What could be better than running through Disneyland for your birthday (or my birthday rather)? Anyway, if ANYONE has this stroller or another that they LOVE, I would love to hear about it.

Thanks, and I guess I'll let you know when there is news!!

PAIGE~ I'll let you know if I find anything! Thanks for the website!


Lindsey Lee said...

That is a cute one and it looks really light and small too. Most double strollers i have seen seem pretty large. I am SO jealous. I totally wanted to run that 1/2 marathon! I think that sounds super duper fun...there truly wouldn't be anything funner! I will let you know if i can talk Tyson into it. Maybe that can be my birthday present too!! PS. i can't wait till your baby comes...i think about you everyday so keep me posted. Good luck Linds and i Love ya

Chelsea Anne said...

It looks like the baby in back won't be able to see anything?

I have the BOB Revolution running stroller and I love it. Best purchase yet! I also got the Joovy double stroller--I can't remember the exact name. But I love it too. the baby in back has just like a little place to sit or stand. Jesse loves the freedom to move around and it isn't very big either--all my sister-in-laws have the same one. You can use a car seat with it too. That one is pretty cheap too. I would recommend both.

Good luck and update us with any news.

Haley said...

Yeah, we have the big graco duo glider.. HUGE! Congrats, by the way!