Friday, February 9, 2007

It is our lucky day!

So when we moved to California we left one of our couches (the long sofa) with my brother and just brought our fairly good sized love seat. It was great for our old apartment because that was about all we could fit, but since we have been in a house and have a little more room it has been driving us nuts! We feel like we are always lying on the floor. So anyway, we were just about to break down and BUY couches email came in. Sure enough some overly wealthy person from my brother-in-law's ward in Palo Alto had some "old" couches that they just wanted to get rid of if anyone would like to take them off of their hands. In our minds we were thinking maybe we don't want someone else's old nasty couches, but on the other hand they are from Palo Alto, how bad could they be. can judge!

We feel like we got a pretty good deal!


Lindsey Lee said...

Heck yes you got a good deal..those are super nice. Your place looks darn cute Linds. I want to come visit so much. Your blog is coming right along. love it! PS. how are you feeling? Only a few weeks left. Let me see a pic of your belly!

Natalie said...

you're house is so cute! I want to see pictures of all of it! do you have a little nursery for the baby! I want to see, since I never get to see you I want to see how you're doing.