Monday, January 15, 2007

Laundry Day!

How is it that something I, quite frankly do not enjoy doing can be so much fun for my little Ava? Although, the fact that she loves it so much and loves to "help" so much may be one of the biggest contributors to my lack of love for the task. I must admit that it is really cute EVERYTIME I put her clothes into her drawers she takes them out and insists on putting an article of clothing on every one of her hundreds of stuffed animals. Heaven forbid her monkey goes to bed without pajamas!


Haley said...

What's up Lindsey?! I'm so glad you're a blogger! How did fam pics go back in December? Sorry I was so busy! :)

nick and cassi orme family said...

Lindsey! I love that you now have a blog! :) I also enjoy the footie pajamas- that is so funny!