Friday, January 12, 2007

Chubby...not my Ava!

So I got Ava a few new pairs of jeans a couple months ago. My thought process was something like this..."Yeah, she's maybe a little chubby, but everyone tells me she should be thinning out, besides these size 24 months should technically give her a few months considering she turns 2 on March 1st..."
So today I put those cute little jeans up over her chunky thighs and made her lay down so I could actually button them (which was done under the belly mind you).
I don't know, it just might not be her time for "thinning out" right now, what do you think?

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Lindsey Lee said...

Linds, Welcome to Blog world! You will enjoy it, i just know it! I love all your cute pictures. Ava is darling as usual and i cant wait to chat with you about our blogs. Just remember, don't give up and even if you post 1 picture a day, that is great. Love you
P.s. send me a pic of your short haircut! Short hair is where its at.