Friday, May 28, 2010

A week

We have almost been in NJ for a week. It has been an interesting week. Here are a few details.
Plane ride over...
No TV's for kids.
I was using the nice little "get sick" bags they provide in your front seat pocket. Therefore, Ty had all 3 kids without a movie. They were actually pretty good, right Ty?
Got here Saturday night...
Our apt is actually pretty big, which is nice, but with a few little problems. No bakeware, balcony door doesn't open, leaky toilet, and NO HIGHCHAIR. (all of which have been taken care of).
They had to search for a corporate housing apt with 3 bedrooms for us and the only one they could find is not in the greatest of towns. We also had no food and no car. We had to walk to a market (if you want to call it that-more like a 7-11)...we were slightly nervous during our walk. Ty was ready to get us moved the next day. But we woke up and things seemed a ton better so we will deal with not walking the neighborhood at night for the next couple months.
We got ready for church and called about our rental car reservation, which they had not reserved until Monday. After getting the car re-set-up church was half over. We got out of our church clothes and went to Costco. We then had to explain to the kids why were shopping on Sunday.
We drove around and saw how beautiful the area we will be living in and it made us feel tons better.
So Monday came. Ty headed to work. Ty found out that he entered during a "busy" week. Most weeks he will have very normal hours. But every couple months he will have a busy week. He got home at 1am last night. awesome.
All our temporary housing boxes arrive Monday as well. Not exactly all of them. We didn't get any of our spices, sauces and baking good that were supposed to be sent to us. Hmmm...what to make for dinner? Anyone with simple recipes calling for salt and pepper only? Although, what difference does it make, I don't have anything to bake it in.
I've been at home taking the kids swimming and to the park. We have had only minor problems...
Ava opened a door at the pool and her entire big toenail came off.
Lots of blood and tears.
Then the B man has the big D to all extremes.
No one wants to deal with this...Then, an hour later, find this
That same day, we were headed to the park. On our way to the parking garage, which is a quick 3 elevator rides away (usually done with 3 kids and a mountain of stuff to carry), we met this door. Ava met the door more personally as she tried to run through the side window.
More blood and tears.

We did go to the park and I met a friend. Of course, I may have talked to a tree at that point. :)

Before Ty left for work today, he mentioned that we wouldn't be able to celebrate his 30th birthday on Tuesday, his actual birthday. He has a banquet to go to that night. Sweet. It is not like his party is the only thing I have on my look-forward-to list.

This sounds like a downer post. In reality, I have been laughing the whole time. It is going to be great here. We just need to get in the groove and what not. Anyway,

What a week!


Stephanie said...

AH! Just be glad the week is over, and a better one HAS to be ahead. And I'm glad you've been laughing your way through it. Sometimes it's the only way. Good luck and thanks for keeping us updated. I now have an image of you guys and your three adorable kids trapsing through a horrible neighborhood in the dark....

Erin said...

oh gosh! i hope it gets better, i mean after that...he can only get better! its better to laugh then cry though!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, that is a ridiculously horrible week! I hope you got a car and give yourself freedom to eat out every meal. And you are so right that no one wants to deal with huge loads of D. You are a good woman. So glad you found a pool though!

The Mostess said...

AGHHHHHH! I want to crawl into a hole just reading this.

Glad you're laughing, I think I would be committed if I were you.

Excited for some good news to come down the pipeline!

Grams & Papa Dan said...

Poor Ava! I didn't hear about the run in with the window. Looks like the window won! So much for the 8-5 job. Like someone said week is bound to be better! Have you ironed those church shirts yet???? I knew I should have done it before you left! Sorry! :( Luv you all Mom

Jan'l said...

Oh goodness girl! You have had a lot of good adventures since leaving..I hope it gets better really soon, and you get your baking stuff too. ;)
Poor Ava, I am sure she is loving NJ right now. :) Lots of blood and tears so far. Glad you have survived the first week! Love ya

Elaine said...

oh my gosh, I would have been crying, and said we're moving back to CA! Hang in there! Hopefully you will meet some great friends to help you get through weeks like that!

Amber Slouf said...

I am sorry but I am laughing so hard... and at your expense sorry. Is it really possible to have all that happen in a week?