Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forbes Avenue

We said goodbye to our life on Forbes Avenue last Friday. What a sad day. We sent all our belongings in this...
to be reunited with us across the country in a few months.

We are going to miss California SO much. I shed many tears as we left this place, for many reasons.
The weather, oh, the weather.
The beauty. So green, so many trees. Just beautiful.
The convenience. Any store I want, so close.
This list could go on and on, but the real reason I shed tears...
The people.
Hands down the most wonderful friends. We have experienced a lot the last five years and these "people" are who have been there with us.
Helped us,
Laughed with us/cried with us,
Raised our children with us,
Taught us,
Partied with us (I have pictures to prove it coming soon),
They have been our family and I LOVE them.

The only comfort I have is knowing I will be back with them in a few years. So no one go moving on me! Oh, and the visits (a 5 hour flight isn't too bad).

We did a visit to NJ this week. I felt like I went to another country...so different! more to come on that!


Kevin and Kristina said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip to NJ. Was sad we didn't get to say goodbye to you guys. Good luck on your new adventures! I am sure you will have so much fun.

Ashley said...

That really is so sad. I am already sad to leave one day and we don't even have any plans to move yet. Change is hard--even good change. I really miss you guys already! I was just telling Tyler a Christian story today. Have so much fun on your trip!

Lindsay said...

This post made me cry! I miss hanging out with you guys everyday...listening to Ava tell stories, Christian taking a bath ten times a day, and Bennett just being Bennett. And then just chatting with you. California is worse off without you guys! :(

The Mostess said...

I hope it was JUST like the Jersey Shore...per my prediction.

You will be missed greatly--in fact, at church yesterday, I was telling Lancer I hated losing such a great family.

Sorry I missed your farewell shindig--but I feel like we parties enough over the years that I can be forgiven for blowing off the last one.

Good luck, and come back!

The Carlii said...

On the bright side you are headed our way! Some California veterans as neighbors ought to count for something, right? We're so excited to see you guys soon! (And if it's any consolation we still really miss California too...)