Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet Ruby

I had a couple favorite gifts that I gave this year. They happened to be given to the same two little girls.

Meet Ruby Stitch, which happens to be in the form of Ava and Anna. I gave one of these handmade dolls to Ava and her cousin Anna. They were made to look like them by my good friend Abby. Ava's even has a few freckles in just the right spots. Really, you should check these out. Don't worry, she makes boys too, complete with masks and capes.

Aren't they cute.

My other favorite gift was to my boys and Ava and Anna. I see me books are awesome. They are custom books all about your children. Ava's is about finding the fairy princess and each fairy brings a letter to make her name and crown her the princess. The boys are about a baby that was born with all the animals to name it. Another item you really should check out.

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