Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I Know Now

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Ty is great, except for the fact that I Very exposed. And slightly embarrassed, but heck, we're all friends right ;).

The week was crazy, so I was really looking forward to my b-day, but even more so to a 4 day weekend to spend with Ty. Well, expectations are Satan's tool. Satan's tool for making me one ornery chica. Does anyone recall this? Tyler's company managed to do it again, without me this time (not nearly as cool). Thursday evening Tyler called to "ask" if he could head to Madrid for 2 weeks for work...on Monday. He was super excited so I tried to be too (I love 2 weeks alone with my kiddos without the husb each night. really.) So at about 10pm that night we find out that his passport somehow expired a couple months ago (we both swear we checked this recently). So we then found out that Tyler would be spending all of Friday (my bday and the first day of our 4 day weekend) in San Francisco at the passport agency. But we did get to go out that night thanks to my AWESOME friends J&J and H&J for helping with our kids and for making me a cake. Ava was VERY concerned who was going to be making my cake. So the weekend continued with a jam packed saturday of preparing for international travel and a BYU football game, of course. Then I dropped Ty off at the airport early this afternoon. What an awesome 4 day weekend with Ty, thus I say, "expectations are Satan's tool!"

K- done with that. And my birthday wasn't so bad Ty gave me the cutest necklace that you can see in the pic below. Each charm has one of our kids names on it. i love it.

(phone pic)
Now, after a post like that I realized that thank heavens I have learned A LOT through those memories. Here are just a few things I have learned...
1. I really was a cute 4 year old.

2. Boyfriends are lame in high school. No one could have told me this then, of course. Uh, no offense, Mike and Skyler, since I am sure I am on your google reader, we had good times.

3. If you do have a boyfriend in HS (or not, for that matter) don't be so scantly clad.

4. Volleyball is not life, but it is REALLY cool. It did a lot for me:
  • kept me out of trouble
  • taught awesome lessons like commitment, work ethic, how to be a good competitor
  • made me experience a smorgasbord of feelings: pain (physical and emotional), pressure, pride, success, nerves, stress, joy, excitement, accomplishment and it made me work through all of those feelings.
  • it pushed me to my limits and when i got there it pushed me to find new ones.
  • it gave me some of my greatest friendships. experiencing those feelings with other people can really bring you together.
  • it is still a part of who I am. A part that I would like to find again.

5. Just because you are 18 and free does NOT mean you should wear a bikini. Next time around, listen to your mom when she kindly tells you that she thinks you look better in a one piece. (Note: Ava) But BTW mom, thanks for letting me make that decision, because even though I don't like the choice I made, I'm not sure I would have known that without making the decision for myself.

6. If you do decide to wear a bikini...BURN all evidence, unless you look REAL good, better keep those for your after baby goal pics.

7. Who came up with Glamour shots for your Senior pictures? This was never a good idea.

8. My wedding was complete awesomeness. I loved it.

9. My kids ARE beautiful.

10. I'm happy with where this life has brought me. I guess there were some good decisions along the way.


Barbara said...

Happy Belated Bday Lindsey!

I loved this post. Totally agree with everything you said. Boyfriends in highschool (a total waste), thinking volleyball is life (when its not), the bikini talk (that is just hilarious), and the senior glamour shots well you could just get away with anything Linds you are beautiful. Glad you are happy and content in life, looks like its all treating you pretty well.

Chelsea Anne said...

Shoot. Don't judge me at the pool next summer.

Lindsy Hartsock said...

Loved this post. Really cute. I'm glad your birthday turned out to be okay. Good luck surviving the next couple of weeks. Talking about vball reminded me how much I LOVED playing with you...just in case you didn't know. I have lots of good memories of you.

Ashley said...

You are so funny. I bet you are totally on those guys' readers. I am bummed that we'll have to cancel our date--mostly bc no one wants to go through the pain of my Tyler extending another invitation. Have fun these next two weeks while the cat's away--no cooking or making the bed!

Lindsey said...

Chels~ that bikini talk excludes any and all that look HOT in them after 3 kids (or 9 months prego for that matter). therefore my judgement will only be envious ;)

Linds~ I loved playing with you too! I think about those days a lot.

Ashley~ I too am nervous for another invite from Tyler. Maybe you and I should schedule our "make-up" date :)

The Mostess said...

Wait--your old boyfriends read your blog??

Er--I really like the Justin Timberlake fake blond hairdo. No, really. Good stuff.

allegra said...

jealous! i LOVE your necklace. i've wanted one like that for a bit. but maybe i need more kids/charms to make it cute first:)

dang, we're going to dan's family's house for christmas in CO. so we won't be in UT for christmas i don't think... flattered you'd ask for a shoot though.

Alie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And- let me know if you need a break for these next two weeks!!!

Stephanie said...

That birthday post was really really funny. I'm glad I have destroyed all evidence of my rebellious days! Lets do something next week-my sister is in town from Ohio this week but we have nothing next week, and Brigham's work schedule is basically as good as him being in Spain also. For now though, I'll see you at the preschool meeting tonight! YES! I LOVE preschool meetings!!!!!!

mer and josh said...

Oh Linds! I cannot help but laugh at the boy crazy years- although I wished Tyler wouldn't have put that nasty pic of me on there! Let's do a bit on not wearing daisy dukes. Happy belated birthday. You are just darling!

Amber Slouf said...

Linds, what a crack up. I feel lucky to have been present at each of those stages. Ava does look a lot like you. Where did tyler get those pic. of old boyfriends. Actually, I am sure he looks at them often telling himself, "I WON!" We miss you guys. Just this morning Sophia stuck her head in the wash machine yelling for Ava. I have no idea where they came up with that. Love you! ambs

Kim said...

Happy Birthday! I agree, I hate having expectations - especially when it comes to birthdays. I think you should just celebrate the whole month to make-up! Loved the pictures and your comments after. I agree completely.

Lauren said...

what a great post. i loved tyler's post as well but for some reason i didn't leave a comment.. good times. isn't it funny what we go through to figure out who and what we aref? life is funny that way. i too loved playing with you and everything that we got to do when we weren't on the court. i couldn't be more happy for you and where you are in life. :) yay for good family and friends!!!

Erin and James said...

happy birthday (belated) and your wedding was awesomeness! i love the lessons learned...many of us have learned those exact same things!