Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life's a Beach...

...especially on a day like this. Here is what it involved.
A little, or rather a lot of chillaxin'.
Digging a pit to play in. (I love Christian's face in this pic.) I mocked Tyler as he brought a full sized shovel to the beach with us, but I'll admit the kids loved their little play place.

Walking/running our friends' dogs. Ava and Alexa were in heaven with these little guys.

More pit fun.

What beach trip is complete without a little burying.
More chillaxin', and Logan looking real cute!

Great day, besides the fact that I am a strawberry :) Got to love the first trips out for the season.


Alie said...

That looks like so much fun!! When you head out again- give me a call! We love the beach!!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i have to say that I would have laughed at brent if he put a full size shovel in the car as well! But looks like it was a very smart move! have fun in nyc this weekend!! you better have pictures so i can see the trip.

Haley said...

Lindsey, How are you guys? It's been forever! Your little Bennett is as cute as they come.. Your family really is darling. :)

Tyler Kearl said...

I put the 10 year old to shame who was building near me

cassi said...

Lindsey! I love all the pictures. From the beach to Disneyland, I am so jealous!!!

Joe and Amy said...

Which beach was that?

I just saw your comment on our blog about Abby's hair. Lindsey, we will be in Utah toward the middle-end of July. I think we might just miss you! I would love to see you guys! We were driving through San Jose on our way back from Monterey last month and thought about you, but we were racing to get my parents to the Oakland airport. Are you still in Sunnyvale? I think of you everytime that lotto commercial comes on about the stay at home mom in Sunnyvale, CA. :) Have you seen it? "Courtney Mortimer"

And Abby's hair, we don't dry or roundbrush, she goes to bed with it wet and she wakes up with it going in every direction possible because she has so much body. I use the flat iron on the bottom so it will lay well. I should take a picture of her before, it's quite funny!

Your kids are changing! They are so beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a great trip. BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TYLER!