Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everybody was...

...Kung Fu Fighting!
A couple weeks ago we partied for the kids birthday's- Kung Fu Style! It was loads of fun. I have to give credit to my creative husband, he came up with most of the ideas. He even made all the costumes himself. The kids came in, grabbed their ninja attire, with matching chinese hat, then headed out back for games. The games were seriously a riot! We had noodle throwing, puzzels, chinese star throwing and of course, the karate chop where the kids had to bow to their master and "hee-ya" through some 2=ply toilet paper. The kids really loved it. Then we let the kids dance around to none other than "Kung Fu Fighting". Lastly we let them all take a wack at the panda pinata and enjoyed cupcakes and juice boxes. We had a great time and hope everyone else did too.
The outfits ready to be pick up by mini ninjas.
My 2 favorite ninjas.

The cupcakes.

A few participating ninjas.

Tyler's boss "bowing to her master."

The Pinata.

The loot.

Singing to the birthday boy and girl.
Blowing out the candle.
Some of the guests.
Austin- this party was made for this kid!

My two helpers- Taylor and Julia

Thanks to all of Ava and Christian's friends for coming to celebrate.


Erin and James said...

so cute! what a great idea!

The Mostess said...

So cute! Love the homemade ninja outfits.trath

Alie said...


cassi said...

Your two ninja picture is so darn cute!! What a fun party!!! And those cupcakes look awesome!