Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daddy Time

My kids have been so lucky the last few weeks to have their daddy around all the time. I think there will be some serious separation anxiety when he goes back to work next week. This week he took Ava and Christian to the SF Zoo while Bennett and I stayed home. The kids had a blast and took the zoo by storm.

The main event at the Zoo was definitely when the seagull stole Christian granola bar from his hand. Right when Christian got home he told me the whole story...

"guckie, homp" (bringing his finger to his mouth and pretending to bite it) -translation- duckie stole my granola bar and bit my finger.

"me, huh" (swinging his arm like hitting at the bird) translation- I tried to hit him

"daddy, moe" translation- daddy gave me more granola bar.

He hasn't stopped talking about it since.

Thanks for our cute hats auntie Joce and Lisa!

And of course our little Bennett who is growing like a stinks.


Erin and James said...

fun that he took the kids for special treatment! that is so cute! and holy cow you are right, bennet is getting so big, and he is gorgeous!

The Mostess said...

Fab daddy...cute hats!

Lindsay said...

Wow, that is one cute boy! Love the dialogue of the bird incident!

cassi said...

I love the peacock pictures- great pictures Ty!