Tuesday, June 3, 2008

happy happy happy happy

happy happy (belated) bIrThDay!!

love you babe. this song is for you.

oh, you too jon (not the song, nor the babe;])


We do because we Mexi-Can! said...

Lindsey, you hot mama!! This is Kim Treanor! What a beautiful fam you have--guess what, i have an Ava too, crazy huh. We should keep in touch! Where are you and what's going on? My blog is mexicanfamily.blogspot.com

Nat said...

Hey lindsey! It's Nat Harwood! I saw your comment on Kim's blog and wondered what lindsey it was, so I thought I would see, and low and behold look who it was! How are things going! Well, I guess I can just read your blog and see for myself.:) Remember when we were in the same ward! That was fun to have someone I knew in our ward even if it wasn't for long. Your kids are cuties! Come visit our blog! thetingeys.blogspot.com

We do because we Mexi-Can! said...

So, let me fill you in on how I found you...we have a site for my graduating class, and they post links to other classes, and on '94 I saw your sisters name, and I thought, "Hey, if my good 'ole buddy Lindsey has a blog, I'd be willing to bet her link is on her sisters site!" So I checked it out, and guess what!! It was on there!! Ha ha...so that's how I found ya! Ok, what's with all of the traveling, are you stealing my dreams and trying to make me feel bad?? Cuz you're doing a darn good job!!

The LeRoy's said...

Happy birthday Tyler! Hope you had a great day!