Sunday, March 2, 2008

Uncle Maclain

A friend of Ty's from high school came into town for a film festival that his movie was in. He camped out in my work room on the blow up mattress since the extra bed was being used by grandma. Well, I think Ava is hooked. She now has a new morning routine...Run outside to the back room to wake up Maclain, drag him inside to eat breakfast with us in his jammies, and go grab a pile of books to have him read to her. I think we are in trouble for a couple reasons...first, I don't think we will ever be able to retell the creative stories Maclain made up for the books that had a few too many words for a 3 year old, and second, I KNOW we will never succeed in attempts to create the greatest voices for every character and sound effect in "click clack moo". Maclain, you are the greatest. Come stay at our house anytime, festival or not!

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