Saturday, August 25, 2007

I {heart} google

Sometimes in life there are things that you just love so much you can't help but share. So here it is...I LOVE GOOGLE! No, it is not for the oodles of free food that they give to their employees that I often get to take advantage of through my sis-in-law, nor is it the great parking it gives me to the Shoreline amphitheater. Rather it is for the fact that they manage to create something just before I realize that I might need or even want it, just to keep me out of a possible bad situation of living without. So, my friends, in case you don't know (because I didn't) here are a few of the reasons I love google! The best part is that you already have them you just need to set it up. So check these out!

igoogle, my new homepage! It has everything I need and want in a homepage :)

google reader, it is on this new homepage of mine and I plug in my fav blogs and it conveniently tells me when anyone has updated their site, so cool!

google analytics, so if you have ever wondered who looks at your site, this, my friends will give you a clue in the right direction. It shows you how many hits, as well as where they came from. For example, I have a few hits from England...who are you Mr. Manchester???

So, basically I should work for google with the way that I promote it! You might say I have google pride, through my sis-in-law that is.


Barb said...

Gosh darnit, google is the bomb. Thanks for the introduction to all the new googlie things out there. I guess now you know from your google site stats that I check your lil' blog quite often. I love seeing what you are up to over their in the sunshine state.

Natalie said...

I love google too. I never knew about google analytics, checked it out and added it to my blog. It's super sweet! Thanks.

cassi said...

Thanks for the tips- now I love google reader!

Chelsea Anne said...

Good to know. I use a blog reader too, but it's not great. Obviously because it hasn't told me about all your latest updates. One bad thing about the reader though is that it makes me a lazy commenter.

Um 3bdlwahab said...

Ohh, thanks a lot for the google stuff, i liked them a lot since i didnt know them b4

Um 3bdlwahab said...

Hi Lindsey,
I have signed up in the google analytics but faced some problems so could u plzzzz help me?