Friday, April 13, 2007

A Trip to the ZOO

A friend and I took our girls, Natalie and Ava to the SF Zoo the other day. The girls were so cute and had SO much fun. They couldn't stop staring at the lions. Ava kept saying, "Lions, ROAR" with her hands up like claws.
While we were there we saw a monkey eating and we told the girls it was eating lunch. Ava can not stop telling me that the "monkey eat lunch." So last night after she had gone to bed I snuck into her room to get Christian's pajamas and she looks over at me and says (very loud) "Monkey eat lunch mommy!" She was so excited about it. She must have been having a great dream about it. It was pretty funny.

Mommy, Ava and "Chistian" (as Ava says, which has improved from "Chicken").
Ava and Natalie playing in front of the Hippo!

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